Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to Makeover Pittsburgh!

A show that not only helps women look good, but, more importantly, feel good, too!
Our mission is to transform womens' lives and empower them to be their very best, no matter how bleak their circumstances or dire their needs...our award winning team of experts are here to help make over Pittsburgh,(and beyond), one face at a time.

Bonnie's makeup collection
In episode one, we meet Bonnie, a cancer survivor, caretaker, wife and women who does so much for others, but never takes the time for herself. She lost 156 pounds from a gastric bypass surgery, yet still dresses the same way before her weight loss surgery. Bonnie was ready for a change, so she contacted Makeover Pittsburgh.

Bonnie arrived at the Salon at Saxonburg, ready and eager to get a whole new look...armed with a Ziploc baggie of makeup, and her old Santa sweatshirt in hand!

And, our team of experts were ready for the challenge.
With some new makeup techniques from makeup artist, Patty Bell, a new hairstyle from Tom Beckes, and brand new wardrobe donated to her from Carabella in Oakmont, they were able to bring out a whole new beautiful Bonnie, hidden under all that baggy clothing!

Look at the joy in Bonnie's face after her makeover!
Her family was there to witness the big reveal and all were brought to tears with Bonnie's amazing transformation. No more striped shirts for her!

We think she looks incredible, but Bonnie was already beautiful, she just needed a little help in the right direction! 

Thank you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! 
We loved meeting you and your family! 
You are such a blessing to all.

Bonnie's family LOVES her new look!

Bonnie gets beautified!

Bonnie- after

Kym gives Bonnie back her old sweatshirt, that used to be her husbands underwear at one time!

the Makeover Pittsburgh crew!


Makeover Pittsburgh Crew:

Hosted by KDKA's Kym Gable
Celebrity makeup artist, Patty Bell
Hairstylist Tom Beckes The Salon at Saxonburg
Wardrobe by Carabella Oakmont, PA

If you are in need of a makeover, or know someone who is, please email us at, and tell us your story.
You just might be the be the next show!
Makeover Pittsburgh is coming to a neighborhood near you!

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